Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friends of the Library

I feel like a Wacoan, when we have annual events that we look forward to.
One of our favorite annual events is the Book Sale. It is a benefit for the Waco Libraries. It gathers donated books all year and sell them at this annual event. It starts on Thursday and runs till Sunday evening. Everyday there are different deals.

Thursday - $5.00 entry fee all books $1.50 or less (even hardbacks)
Friday - no entry fee; all books under $1.50
Saturday - no entry fee; all books under $1.50
Sunday morning - $10.00 per bag
Sunday evening - $10.00 all you can carry! + a reusable grocery bag to fill.

We went on Sunday afternoon and even though we felt late, we still made out like bandits.
29 books for $10.00!

Next year though, we will donate some before we go. We are running out of room already!

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  1. As fast as you two read, this probably won't take you through the winter ! Our library does this also, but I have never gone. Maybe I need to after seeing your buys ! Gr. B.