Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cheapest Kitchen Redo

We are slowly working on the house and with my VERY open schedule, it has given me a lot of free time to .... PAINT! I started with the kitchen because I wanted to get rid of this wallpaper.

We decided on a not-so-common color.....BROWN. I really like it. I looks like CHOCOLATE! But then the counters didn't look so good. They were a blue laminate but since we don't want too spend too much money, I looked at other options and found paint to be a decent option. Mom Shanks mentioned that her in-laws painted hers and I found some helpful blogs so I went for it.



I sponge painted the counter tops to look like granite and match the brown. It was then sealed with three layers of polyurethane. Here is a close up of the "granite"

It has held up so far. It's temporary and only cost about $75! Totally worth it.


  1. You did an amazing job it looks just like granite!I'm a new follower.

  2. This is amazing!!! What a transformation!

  3. I love it. We have ugly wood counter tops that really need something done with them.
    Don't forget to join me for More The Merrier Monday and link up all of your great projects.

  4. You did a great job on the sponging; it does look just like granite. Terrific!

  5. This is the best looking faux granite/painted countertop I've seen online. You did a great job!

  6. Thanks for all your sweet comment. You have inspired me to post a tutorial! I have never done one so gimme a couple of days. :)

  7. Your temporary granite looks wonderful, mmshanks. I like your chocolate brown paint, too. My living room is also a chocolatey color. Hugs, Kim

  8. Newest follower.

    I love it! I am soo looking forward to doing this in my kitchen as I have white counter tops.