Monday, February 25, 2013

A Candy Gram.

Every year for Valentine's Day, we make or do something for each other. It keeps the simple and fun. 
This year I tried my hand at a Candy Gram. If you are reading it and there are some KISSES missin, thats because they were taken by a puppy.

This is a close up of the bottom. I had to get a little creative with this one.

 It was fun to find interesting candies like KRANKY?? and to come up with the right words. The possibilites are endless. Its a good idea for birthdays, bosses days, etc. If you are wondering what I got, here you go....
Its roots. Its a long, mushy story so I'll spare you the details but I'm a lucky girl!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


I know I'm late but that's ok.
I turned 27. 27. That sounds old to me….I know its not, but 26 didn’t feel this way.
I spent my birthday in a nice hotel in Austin for a conference. It is the first birthday I have spent away from Neil in 6 years! Luckily, I made it and still managed to have some fun. My coworkers/friends took me out. We went to Pappadeux for appetizers, Thai House for dinner, and dessert at the hotel! I managed to avoid the embarrassing songs, too! 
Neil has this tradition of sending me clues all day about what my present is. See here for Last year’s clues for my iRobot.
This year there were a lot of clues:
1) James Bond
2) 21
3) -}carbon-{
4) dang dis nag is more
5) mrs. Ricardo is high
6) we’ll need it in 2069
Any guesses?? 
Its diamond earrings of course! 

Two things: 1) yes this is a very lavish gift for us and I didn’t believe it 2) I did guess correctly

1) James Bond – Diamonds are forever
2) 21 – forever 21
3) -}carbon-{ - carbon with pressure = diamonds
4) dang dis nag is more = unscrabble the words and its diamond earrings
5) mrs. Ricardo is high = never got this one but apparently Mrs. Ricardo is Lucy. High like in the sky. Lucy in the sky with diamonds = beatles song.
6) we’ll need it in 2069 = it will be our 60 year anniversary and the traditional gift is diamonds.

I came home and meet my sister and her fiance who drove up for the day to see me/Brittany Griner. I looked all over for my gift but he took it with him...womp womp.
We had great conversation with meg and mark and dinner at Heitmiller then witnessed a slaughter at the game. Sooo glad to see them!!! It was another great birthday with lots of love!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I won.

Everyday on the way home from work I listen to 1660 ESPN sports talk radio.
They have a trivia contest everyday but I never know the answer. Well the other day, they made an announcement that the first person that came through the door could get two tickets to the Baylor women's basketball game. Well, whaddya know. I happened to be literally down the street for a meeting when I got in my car and heard the announcement so I hurried over there. I barged through the door and over excitedly asked if they were still available. They were. I won the tickets!

Well this week they had a segment where you could call in and talk about the boy's basketball game that night. If you made it on the air, you were entered into a drawing to win 2 tickets to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. I called and after being put on hold for about 15 minutes, I was on the air. That was exciting! Then as we were on our way to the game I got the message that I won the tickets!

Waco has the Texas Sports Hall of Fame museum and they induct new hall of famers every year. The tickets run $200 each and include a reception and a banquet!
 This year some of the inductees are.....

So, we will spend our Monday evening with those guys! 
Pictures to come soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Day I Met My Valentine.

Being a Pre-Med student and studying for the MCAT sucks up a lot of your time. Between going to class, working 30 hours a week, and studying, a trip to the library with gummy bears and a friend was a treat! Friend and I had “our” cubbies. It wasn’t official but let’s just say that people sitting there got up when they saw us coming….ya, we were that serious! Anyways, Friend and I did not live together and her friends were not mine. As we were studying for a genetics test, we were distracted by two of her neighbors. On their way out, they exchanged hellos and goodbyes and “I haven’t seen you in a while”s. Then the tall, handsome friend in a black SUBLIME shirt, twirling a pen between his fingers said, “stop by soon and bring your friend”.  I’m sure I blushed and I know I hid behind my cubby. But as they walked away I peeked out in time to see him turn back my way and give a little wink. **sigh**
He swears he doesn’t remember winking and surely he doesn’t remember what he was wearing, but I’ll never forget! 
If you know him, this does not sound like him AT ALLL!!! He is never that courageous or cheesy but it worked and the rest was history! 7 Valentine’s Days later and he still melts my heart! 
Happy Valentine’s Day, Bug.

great valentines quote on a DIY chalkboard