Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hanging Back.

Everyday, I spend time with Baby. I am usually very hands on. I get on the floor and play. We read together. We talk all day. But some of my favorite moments are when I step back.
When I get to be a bystander in her life.
 I love to see her from these angles too!

The richness of relationships is so real.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fathers Day 2015.

This is the second Father's Day we celebrate but really the first that Reyna can celebrate.
We celebrated simply. The best gift she gave Papa was a 2.5 hour nap ;)
We made a little momento for him and she was soooo excited to give it to him! It was pretty adorable.
 Everyday I am blown away by fatherhood. He is so intentional with her and makes her feel like a million bucks. Its no wonder she favors him, but then again, so do I ;)

Happy Father's Day! 

6 years.

This summer we celebrated our 6 year anniversary.
We like to get away and we have been to many places. This year, getting away looked different. While we have 'gotten away' to Thailand for an anniversary, this year 'getting away' meant being within 30 minutes from the Baby. We headed to a quaint town called Gruene, Texas just outside of San Antonio. We had plans to go toobing down the Guadalupe river but the levels are too high and fast!

We stayed at this adorable B&B in the "Silo" room. We feel in love with the idea! It is a two story loft with impeccable design. A huge bathroom and a mini kitchen. One day I want this on our property :)

We did a little shopping, ice cream eating, and some fine dining at the Gristmill Restaurant overlooking the river and LOTS of sleeping! I took multiple how times have changed :)

In this season of life I think its more important than it has ever been for us to get away. To regroup and recharge. Here is to another year of adventures with my handsome hubby!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa visit.

 Grandma and Grandpa came down for a visit just as the weather started to turn warm :)
We went on so many adventures - walks, the zoo, the museum (twice), restaurants, Kiddie Park,  a book sale, popcorn shopping ;)!

We got up close and personal at the zoo. This lion came up for a little chat. She was not afraid. I was.
 We went to the museum two days. Its nice to have a membership so we can take our time.

We went to a kiddie park one day to ride a couple of rides. Of course, the carousel ride.
The train.

This captures just how I think she feels about these guys! 
She radiates joy when they talk to her. It makes my heart melt.

We are so thankful for a family that cherishes time together.
Till next time Grandma and Grandpa....xoxo