Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our Curious George goes Trick-or-Treating.

This year Reyna requested going as Curious George for Halloween.
We had two trick or treating events. The first was at the University dorms. This was a perfect experience. I borrowed Papa's costume for the day and was the MOM with the Yellow Hat.

 She kept that mask on most of the time but she looked like a little monkey without, too!
She was so excited.
"Ooh Ooh Ahh Ahh"
 Showing off her tail!
On Halloween night we went to the famous Colcord event.
Our friends live on the street. They block off a few blocks and they get thousands of people coming through. They start at 6pm which is GREAT for littles.
This time, she got her Man with the Yellow Hat. And they were adorable!
 What a good sport that Papa is!

Probably her favorite part was handing out candy.
Josh "let" us pass out candy at his house and it was intense!
this is a snapshot of the continuous line at his house!

 The best part was getting to see our little friends.
Penny the ghost.
 That little fisherman, Wendel!!
Our Curious George family - Professor Wiseman, George, Man with the Yellow Hat

Can't wait for next year!