Saturday, August 6, 2011

Minnesota, Here we come.

This year, I get the chance for 2 vacations. My first one to Colorado Springs was great. This one is to Minnesota to spend time at the lakehouse on Brainerd Lake. Neil spent most of his summers there and I love going for sometime in the summer. Plus, its a nice break from the Texas heat and we get to visit family.

Photo by Bjorn

This year, we get to vacation and attend a wedding for Bjorn, our cousin.

I love weddings. Not the romantic, kissy stuff. I like the decorating, dancing, and gift giving.

I usually try to make gifts because A) they are personalized B) its fun and C) they are cheaper (sometimes).

Well for this one, I got this idea from PINTEREST. (IF you don't know what that is, that is another post for another day. Lets just say it is the best way to waste away the day).

Anyways, back on track. This quilt was made by a mom for her son.

But it simply reminded me of Minnesota. So that lead me to my next idea...."I can do that for the gift!"

And I did. I can't post it till after the wedding but lets just say it look VERY similar. Hope they like it.

I wish it would have been bigger but I guess its the thought that counts.

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  1. Be prepared - our weather has been awful this summer. Enjoy your trip!