Friday, January 30, 2015

Second Year Review.

Yesterday I had my second year review for work (#dreamjob).
This involved putting together a notebook with evaluations, teaching philospohy, peer reviews, etc.
The second part was putting together a presentation for faculty. Any faculty can attend but only tenured have a vote. Yup. this is an old fashioned vote to keep you or cut you .
You can see how this might be nerve wrecking.

But when your review presentation begins with the department chair leading everyone in prayer, a prayer that encourages and lifts you up, you know you are at a good place.

Sunday Encouragement: Candles {2.9.14} - Landee See Landee Do

I am so very thankful for a community of believers that truly wants to see you (and the program) succeed. The lack of competition. The presence of never ending mentors. The inclusion of family. I know, especially in academia, this unique.

I'll know something by the end of February.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Finding her Legs.

So this is happening!